Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Are We Immersed in the Word in the Same Way?

I just read the following quote by Noah Feldman as he reflects on his upbringing in Orthodox Judaism, and I was wondering if we as evangelicals are immersed in the Word in the same way:

“Line by line we burrowed into the old texts in their original Hebrew and Aramaic. The poetry of the Prophets sang in our ears. After years of this, I found I could recite the better part of the Hebrew Bible from memory. Among other things, this meant that when I encountered the writings of the Puritans who founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony, I felt immediate kinship. They read those same texts again and again—often in Hebrew—searching for their own errand into the American wilderness.” [“Orthodox Paradox”, The New York Times Magazine (July 22, 2007), 43].

HT: Historia Ecclesiastica

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