Thursday, March 01, 2007

Historic Event in Canada

Willingdon Church is hosting an historic conference called reFocus 2007: Christ, No Other Name (Here also is the blog). Why this is so historic, is that this, to my knowledge, is the first time anything like this has ever happened in Canada. The purpose of the conference is "to unite [Canadian] Pastors around a resurgent historical evangelicalism and equip them to preach the full counsel of God in an age of relativism." Will this be a start of a revival in Canada? Will the common Canadian, who has not heard the gospel clearly articulated, hear the truth because the people in our churches are actually sharing the gospel unapologetically with those they meet everyday? I hope and pray that this is the start. The speakers at this conference include: John Piper, Mark Driscoll, J.I. Packer, and Bruce Ware. Here is what John Neufeld, the Senior Pastor, says about the Conference:

The effects of pluralism have created a sense of uncertainty in the hearts of many Christian leaders and preachers. Whether it is intimidation because of cultural pressure to conform, or theological confusion in today’s bewildering milieu of competing answers, Christian leaders need a clearly articulated message that proclaims the centrality and supremacy of Christ. Many of the people whom we lead are also facing enormous pressure to surrender the exclusive claims of Christ. Both we and they are being told that we must proclaim Christ as a light, not Christ as the light. Never has the need been more urgent to provide answers informed by scripture that are meaningful and relevant, and ultimately winsome and attractive to world that needs to hear.

ReFocus Canada exists for the purpose of helping to reenergize a vibrant and resurgent historic evangelicalism. Its purpose is to help pastors preach, teach, write about and explain historic Christian truths in contemporary Canadian culture. In the face of both an entrenched secularism and a mosaic of spiritually eclectic voices, Christian leaders must be seen as those who have something meaningful and world altering to say. We must say it with both conviction and with a defensible clarity. It is most likely true, that the majority of Canadians have never been confronted with the real Jesus of history. Let Christ be presented as both the rock upon which it is reasonable to build ones life upon, and as the most offensive scandal that human ears can hear.

I invite you to come to ReFocus Canada 2007 Conference at Willingdon Church. You will notice that we have assembled a world class list of speakers. This conference really is a wonderful opportunity.

Come to be equipped, encouraged and to build a network of like minded pastors intent on proclaiming Christ alone, the sole reason for humanity’s hope.

Dr. John Neufeld
Senior Pastor
Willingdon Church


Terra said...

couple of questions:
1. are you going?
2. how was york?

Nick Hill said...


Glad to have you back in Toronto. You will have to tell me all about your exerience overseas. 1) I would love to go if we could get some people together and drive out. 2) York was great! It was fun sharing with some of the guys (Josh and Archie), and I was inspired by the passionate faith of the students and staff, as well as the hunger for Christ among the new believers at the Bible study I attended. It was really fun speaking on the Historical Reliability of the Old Testament (I got my friend Nadi Tadros from RAC to speak on the New Testament). It was exciting to see the students' reactions after and to have some good conversations, and I am thankful to God that it built up their faith and trust in God's Word as reliable, in a university environment that smashes the Scriptures daily - not because they are wrong or unhistorical, but because God is the author and the theistic worldview is not welcome. Thank you for the privledge to speak, and Nadi and I would love to do more of this in the future (there was talk of doing the same at University of Toronto and possibly Ryerson). But, we should talk more in person...Have a great day my sister! In Christ,


Terra said...

cool, just wanted to let you know I got your note.