Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Memorable Moment with J.I. Packer

Justin Taylor has been spending time with J.I. Packer lately. Here is a memorable moment:

"[J.I. Packer] mentioned how struck he was by the comment once made by G. Campbell Morgan (d. 1945), who remarked that he wouldn't expound a book of the Bible until he'd read it through 40 times. Inspired by that comment, Packer read the book of Hebrews through 10 times in a row in one sitting. That event, he said, was a watershed moment for him, and he'd like to encourage once again the lost habit of reading whole biblical books at a time."

For more on Justin Taylor's mini-interviews with Packer see the following: "CBA and Packer," "Packer on Becoming a Better Writer," and "Packer Tidbits."


Terra said...

Hi Nick,

Nice to meet you! I would love to meet you and Jen face to face since apparently we know all the same people! :) (Regan, Charlene...)

Thanks for the comment.

Alison said...

Hey Nick!

I tihnk that's a fantastic idea - reading through a whole book a bunch of times. Have you started memorizing Romans 8?

Hey, can I put a link to your blog on mine??

- Alison

Nick Hill said...

Hey Terra,

I think I met you once at church, but it would good to get together some time. Jen and I would love to have you over for a meal. After church some time? 11:00am service?

Nick Hill said...

Hey Alison,

I have read 1 John through 30 times, once a day for 30 days. It was an amazing experience! You learn something new every day and the whole book gets into your head. No, I have not started memorizing Romans 8, but I am leading a Bible study on Romans this summer every Tuesday night at 8:00pm. Jen (my wife) just bought me a commentary on the book of Romans by Douglas Moo. It is amazing! Yes, you can put a link to my blog on yours and I will explore your blog soon. Blessings in Christ,