Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Devotional Life of Dr. Charles Feinberg

Dr. Charles Feinberg's, the late professor of Old Testament at Talbot Theological Seminary and professor of John MacArthur, devotional life is described here by Pastor Brouwer (may we learn from his sincere and pure devotion to Christ):

“One day while visiting, I noticed the two Bibles on his nightstand. The first one I picked up was unlike any I had seen. It had a red cover and contained the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament. The only English inside was the publisher’s information. We sometimes read together from the Hebrew portion. Yet it was the other Bible that made an indelible impression on me. In the back of that Bible Dr. Feinberg kept his own private reading record.
The top of the record was titled: “Read the Bible through.” Underneath this and for the next two pages followed the final third of an amazing log:
105th time: Mar. 31, 1978 (Mt. Zion, Jerusalem, Israel)
106th time: June 29, 1978 (Anchorage, Alaska)
107th time: Sept. 30, 1978 (Whittier, California)
The record continued until the last entry:
154th time: Aug. 15, 1990 (Walnut Creek, California)
“Here was a simple record of a man who spent a lifetime in devotion to God and His Word. It didn’t take a math expert to figure out that Dr. Feinberg’s lifetime practice was to read through the entire Bible four times a year. Apparently he had been doing so since 1952! I was awestruck, humbled, challenged and inspired—all at the same time. I began to bring younger missionaries with me just to meet Dr. Feinberg and to show them the back of that Bible. The reaction was always the same: amazement, admiration, inspiration and a sense of holy challenge.”

HT: Pastor Brouwer

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