Monday, April 07, 2008

Interesting Story About J.I. Packer and the ESV Bible

Josh at Ephemeros shares an anecdote about J.I. Packer not signing a copy of the ESV:

After I had my book [Knowing God] signed, many more pressed him. He signed books as he answered questions. The insight he provided into the Puritans in those few minutes still have a lasting impact on me. During the conversation, a young man (my age) approached Packer with a newly purchased ESV Bible (of which Packer was a general editor). Excitedly, he asked Packer to sign it and handed it to him. For a few moments Packer held the Bible in his hands, and quietly returned it to the young man. He said, “Son, this is God’s book. If you want it signed you will need to ask him.”

HT: ESV Blog

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