Sunday, February 03, 2008

Emotional Health: Tim Keller

"Some say that calling yourself a 'sinner' is emotionally unhealthy. Oh, no. It is emotionally unhealthy not to call yourself a sinner...To be able to say 'I am capable of terrible things, but I am unconditionally loved,' is the epitome of mental health. It is the gospel that gives us that. The gospel gives us the freedom to admit who we are when the information comes, to see where we need to change, to know ourselves."

-Tim Keller, Did He Die for You?, Journal of Biblical Counseling, Spring 2007


Shane Sowden said...

Nice quote. Interesting discussion over at JT's blog. Kind of frustrating to read though.

Nick Hill said...

Are you thinking of the discussion about Mark Driscoll (concerning the statement by Mark Dever)? If it is, I found that discussion frustrating too!

Shane Sowden said...

That is the one. Steve Camp has some sweet stuff on his blog but everytime I read one of his posts he seems very critical rather than edifying. It seems like some people have a personal vendetta against Driscoll. I wonder how many of these people have actually met him to discuss some of these concerns and how many actually listen to more than one or two of his sermons.

Anyways, great quotes. Today, the puritan reading challenge books I ordered arrived in the bookstore for me. Time for me to go home and read some Richard Sibbes!!!!

Nick Hill said...

Wow, good for you in taking up that challenge. Tell me how it goes.

Blessings brother. You are a great encouragement to me.

Nick Hill said...


On a related note (puritan reading challenge), check out my latest post on Tuesday February 5th, 2008.