Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Audio Highlights from the Desiring God Conference

Here are some audio highlights, short clips from the different speakers, on various topics at the Desiring God Conference.

David Wells
Voddie Baucham

Tim Keller

Mark Driscoll

D.A. Carson

John Piper

Thanks to Justin Taylor.


Terra said...

looking forward to listening to this stuff. good to see you at church last weekend.

Nick Hill said...

Good to see you too! Looking forward to further conversations...

Aimee Reid said...

Hi Nick,
Found you via my brother's (Justin) blog...would love to see a pic of you family. Wow, 3 kids, you've been busy! Hope you're well!

Michael Krahn said...


I've found a new friend! You're dropping all the right names!

will add you to my blog roll and read you regularly.

I'm about 2 hours west of you. I have 3 kids too - all girls.