Friday, September 29, 2006

Quote of the Day

"The first generation has the gospel, the second generation assumes the gospel, and the third generation loses the Gospel" (D.A. Carson).


tomgee said...

I'm just listening to a series of sermons on Revelation given by Carson at the Carey Conference in 1994. Highly recommended! The man has great insight and is an excellent preacher!

I remember someone, I think it was Bruce Wilkinson, talking about three generation pattern in terms of personal holiness:

1) The first generation lives according to their convictions.

2) The second generation adopts the same lifestyle because that's the way their parents lived, that is as a set of rules.

3) The third generation sees those rules as merely their parents' opinions and rejects them.

For example: David, Solomon, Rehoboam.

The point was for all of us to live out of properly-established convictions, not blind legalism or rebellious reactionism.

Thanks for a great quote, Nick!

Nick Hill said...


Thanks for the link to the sermons by Carson. Yes, the same could be applied to holiness as well. Yes, I agree that we need to be intentional about developing our own biblically established convictions in terms of sound doctrine which is demonstrated in a life of personal holiness. I am thankful for you brother,


Stephen said...

Great quote - David Gibson (A PHD student at Aberdeen & editor of wrote a brilliant article about a two or three years ago expanding on that concept - you can read it here.

Nick Hill said...

Stephen (Spooh),

Thanks for the heads up. I will read the article tonight before I go to sleep. May God richly bless you in your studies!