Saturday, May 27, 2006

Do you need a degree to be a pastor?

My friends Uche and Jenna were having a discussion about this very question. Check out this excellent article by Albert Mohler: (click on Articles; then click on Albert Mohler on the left side of the page).


Vaness said...

Um, the link isn't working. But I did find the article. Here is the link I got:,,PTID314526|CHID598014|CIID1552904,00.html
Hopefully that works.

Nick Hill said...

Thanks Vanessa! Because of technical difficulties with the 9 Marks website, people will have to find the article the hard way. does not recognize the vertical line (that is not a slash), but it is needed to access the articles. Anyway... Thanks for the heads up,


Shane Sowden said...

Does it really matter if you have a degree? It shouldn't. Does it help? It should. Do we as a church put too much emphasis on degrees? I think so. I sometimes think having a bunch of degrees can be detrimental and can "puff up". Yet, I still would like to have a master's and PhD some day!