Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Just Stop and Think

Just Stop and Think is a powerful video! It was filmed on location in Point Dume and Paradise Cove, California. It is a 15-minute DVD that was hand delivered to every home in Simi Valley. It was a concerted effort by all of the Bible teaching churches in that city to create a professionally filmed, clear gospel presentation, done outside of the church context. It is a great way to share the gospel with your non-believing friends, family, or coworkers, just by emailing them the link, and then having some good conversation afterwards. It is also for those to whom God feels distant and for those who have lost an understanding of God's all-surpassing greatness. Consider creating your own version to reach your city, or use this one. To view it see: http://www.juststopandthink.com/movieextras.php, and click on your internet speed near the top of the page. They are cheap to purchase as well: http://www.juststopandthink.com/resources.php.

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jamieunited said...

I watched the video last night. It is good. My only concern is that 15 mins mite be a bit long in this day and age to keep someone focused. But overall, a good tool!