Friday, March 17, 2006

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Brian Frable said...

HI Nick,

I'm on! How's it going for you these days!

Jen?... the kids?...

Brian Frable

Nick Hill said...


Very good! Our marriage is doing well (the best its ever been), the kids are so much fun and are growing closer to God and teaching us in the process (!), ministry is going well (three kids have come to Christ since January), and I am enjoying life. God is teaching me a lot from His word, and my love for God is increasing. Its been a trying month as someone has been sick in our house for the last six weeks. We all got the flu twice (stomach flu and another type), I had to take Iain to the hospital one night for an IV because he was dehidrated while Jen was away in Montreal, and Jen is now recovering from a sinus infection. However, we are doing well and our spirits are high. It has been getting warm out and the kids are having a fun time in the backyard today. Jen is ready to have the baby and she thinks that it will be soon. We have a couple of rooms to paint before then, so that should be interesting. She is doing May 7th. A book that has been helpful for me lately in helping me to see my selfishness and opening me up to more of a God centred focus is: "The Life and Diary of David Brainerd" edited by Jonathan Edwards. He is challenging me to live for God's glory completely and not to care at all about my own glory. How is life at CBC? Your kids? Wife? Thanks for writing. Have a great day,